#454 – Debriding Garlic Cloves

There have been days that have gone by when I felt like something was missing. Then, I realized that I hadn't had garlic. You see, I come from a long line of garlic-lovers, so it's a must-have in our kitchen.

My husband is the official garlic squisher in our household, but I usually help by prepping the cloves.

Below is the Garlic Peeler, which is basically a cylindrical-shaped rubber mat.

auntie stress Garlic Peeler

It's not as effective, but you can also cut a large square from that grip-type shelf liner.

Here's another trick, which I have yet to try. They assure you that you can peel a head of garlic in less than ten seconds by using two bowls. Note: if you're flaring, the whacking and the shaking may pose a problem.

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2 Replies to “#454 – Debriding Garlic Cloves”

  1. Purists may gasp at this suggestion, but more for convenience’s sake, I buy a large jar of minced garlic from Pricesmart. It’s under $10, and lasts for months.

    No fiddling about, and an added bonus – if you’re feeling a bit stuffed up, take off the lid and inhale deeply a couple of times. THAT should clear out the sinuses!


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