#453 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 6

The village that cares to raise a child is the same one that helps build a community of care in the blogosphere.

Below, you'll see some of the comments my lovely readers have cared to share on A Rheumful of Tips (ART).

On Au Revoir, Not Adieu, Pay It Forward has shared a success story with the use of natural treatments.

Deb reinforces the value of using an electric pepper mill on Gadget Tuesday Giveaway - Rotato, Potato, Beets...

On A Leg To Stand On, Beth Havey reminds us about "comfortable function."

Not exactly the Hokey Pokey, but Annette offers up a suggestion that improves balance, but also creates different neural connections on A Leg To Stand On.

When I read the inspirational responses to the question I asked in my giveaway, Tea(se) Your Taste Buds + a Giveaway, I immediately felt that sense of awe and ahhhh. Perhaps you will, too.

Lene is a font of information and I'm glad she splashed some on Walk and Roll and on Over-Package This!

On Tea(se) Your Taste Buds + a Giveaway, Dorlee has a good alternate use for tea.

RA Cellist reminds us to keep our pets safe on Therapy Dog?

If you want to know more about what the ART villagers are offering, please check out Readers' Roundup of Resources one, two, three, four and five!

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