#447 – A Pharmacy First

auntie stress shopper's drug mart
Shopper's Drug Mart

As you know, I love surprises. Here is one that came from the last place I would expect.

On the weekend, I had a call from a pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart, inquiring how I was doing with the medication I was taking for shingles. That's something that hasn't happened in decades. Perhaps because shingles is an acute condition, which makes follow-up somewhat different. Watch for a future post about acute versus chronic illness.

I don't normally frequent this pharmacy, mainly because of the bone-rattling speed bumps they have in the parking lot of that mall. However, I may have to reconsider, especially because of this ongoing issue, but not without seeing if those speed bumps can be altered. I wonder how many people stay away, for that very reason.

The irony of this is that during the past week, I was thinking fondly of Wayne, a pharmacist at the Court Street Safeway pharmacy in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He would do things like call to see how I was doing with the new medications I was taking. Not only was he thorough, but he made time to get to know me personally; something he did with his other customers, as well. I'd love to be able to thank him and tell him that I appreciate his care and concern.

That was almost thirty years ago and I'm still looking for that same sort of service. Could it be I've found it?

What has your experience been with the pharmacy you use?

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