#159 – Make It So – Not Necessarily

Image courtesy of Nathan Sudds

On All You Gotta Do Is Ask, I talked about getting your medication transferred into a "chubby" with easy-off caps.

"Make it so," may work for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but it sure doesn't work for me - with any degree of consistency, anyway!

It should be a simple matter. The request is placed on my computerized file. Each time I phone in my prescription, the pharmacist reads my request on the file and puts my medication in the chubby bottle with the easy-off cap. More often than not, my request has gone unheeded.

It seems that history is repeating itself. I moved to the current pharmacy because of a similar situation occurring all too often at another one. Fortunately, there are a lot of pharmacies in my neighbourhood.

If they're missing this bit of information, what else is being missed? My drug allergy?

I use the automated telephone service so I don't have to wait to pick up my prescription. Those of you who live with a chronic illness know what a blessing that service is.

If they have failed to honour my request, I then end up having to wait while they transfer my prescriptions into the chubby bottles with the easy-off caps.

The whole "put in on my file" exercise becomes an aggravating waste of time. There is no point in saying that they can put in on the file, if the file doesn't get read. Rather than setting up false service expectations, I'd prefer it if the pharmacy didn't offer that service at all.

Take time to find a pharmacy you trust - one where you can build a relationship with the pharmacist. They exist because we exist - a chronic illness is usually a lifetime of medication.

Do you have examples of exemplary service from your pharmacy?

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