#139 – Speed Bumps

It's a sad state of affairs that it is necessary to put speed bumps in parking lots, to slow down those "heavy-footers".

However - and this is a pet peeve of mine - there are speed bumps and there are speed bumps.

As we left the Surrey Memorial Parking lot, hip back in joint, I was astounded that more consideration wasn't made for the people who use that parking lot. I was still quite sore after my ordeal and even though my husband drove carefully and slowly out of the parking lot, the bumps were enough to rattle crepitous joints, along with my newly popped-back-in hip.

There's a pharmacy in my neighbourhood that I was considering patronizing  - until I drove into their parking lot. Bone-shaking, teeth-rattling, hip-jarring speed bumps. No, thank you.

Below, you'll see images of four speed bumps - some better designed than others. What's your take on the speed bumps you drive over?

auntie stress speed bumps

2 Replies to “#139 – Speed Bumps”

  1. In Northern Ireland, speed bumps have been the way of life for the past 40 years. Not alone are they in parking lots but on many roads in built up areas. They vary like the Irish weather and are as you say a pain in the B… well make that everywhere!

    Years ago Jack taught me to slow to first gear and approach them at a slight angle so that the wheels go over one at a time. Just as the wheel makes contact take the car out of gear and let the front wheels touch ground on the other side before putting the car back into gear. It sounds more complicated than it is and soon becomes habit.

    Not sure how this works for folks with no gears!! (automatic gears are foreign to us, stick shifts are the norm here.)

    1. Hi Grannymar,

      We have speed bumps in “traffic-calmed neighbourhoods” – the one you see in the upper right corner is just one of those.

      I like Jack’s idea of 1 tire over at a time. With an automatic transmission, you can gear down, although not in the same manner as with a stick shift. (That’s actually going to be a future post.)

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