#361 – The New Vehicle Checklist

Image courtesy of William Byrd

It's time. Your vehicle is sp-sp-sputtering along, or you would simply like a newer model, or one that is better-suited to your level of mobility.

Consider creating a Wish List for all the features that you would like in your new or newish vehicle.

When it was time to make that big purchase, my New Vehicle Checklist was with me as I made the rounds of the dealerships.

I have discussed many of the features in my New Vehicle Checklist in separate blog posts. You'll find them under the category of "In the Car".

It served two purposes:

  1. By having a very specific set of requirements, the high-pressured sales tactics seemed to become a non-issue.
  2. If I needed and/or wanted help, the list made it easier for the sales person to answer my question and provide me with the best options possible.

I do suggest that you do your homework. Whenever I saw a vehicle that I liked, I would ask the driver some specific questions about how they liked it. Most people were more than happy to answer my questions.

As a result, the vehicle I purchased, which is not a Porsche, but which I euphemistically call my Porsche, pretty much exceeds all my expectations!

That's a deal that you can drive home, shopping, to the park or wherever you wish to go.

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  1. I think this was a great idea, Marianna! And one could employ it when buying other large purchases as well such as appliances, computers, cellphones/smartphones etc. You’re absolutely right – it would save a lot of time, keep one focused on what’s important and maybe even save some money as well 🙂

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