#360 – Weighing Your Decision

Every gram counts, especially when it comes to your purse and its contents. Carry only your essentials and pare down your essentials.

Purse considerations:

  • the weight of an empty purse
  • the fabric, both inside and out
  • the contents are easy to access
  • smooth, secure closure
  • wider shoulder straps that don't dig in to your shoulders
  • ability to carry it over your arm or your shoulder


auntie stress wallet

Over the years, I've had many different styles of wallets. I like the versatility of the one that I'm currently using.

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One Reply to “#360 – Weighing Your Decision”

  1. This is one area that I tend to have a hard time with. Even though I use a small pocketbook, it inevitably gets full and heavy… I have no idea what’s so heavy in there. I’m not carrying anything really beyond the wallet, the phone and my keys but somehow every little thing adds up. The one thing I do to keep it in check is to go through it every week and through out things b/c inevitably little things (receipts and the like) accumulate.

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