#359 – Erasing Pain While Drawing

Last week, when Gillian left a comment, I chose not to publish it because I felt it deserved its own time in the spotlight. Gillian agreed to my request to appear as a guest to share her great find.

Gillian's Guest Post

Available at Currys.com

I do a lot of drawing. I have just found a product that helps reduce the stress and pain in my wrists is caused by the back and forth movements required by a standard eraser.

Made by Kohn-i-noor, this battery-operated eraser comes with 2 AA batteries and 8 replacement erasers. While holding it like a pencil, you apply constant pressure on a button to activate the eraser. To stop the eraser, just release the button.

I bought it at Currys Art Supply store.

While it may not last forever, this tool requires a lot less pressure and twisting than an ordinary eraser. I hope others will find this battery operated eraser as useful and pain relieving as I do.

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