Seasoning with Good Will – A Stress Undresser

She arrived at my door, eyes twinkling and sporting a contagious air of jauntiness: "I've had the most fun this season!" effervesced Laurel.

"I've been committing random acts of visiting and dropping off gifts along the way. In addition to this gift for you, I also had some cookies. You see, there was a young police officer parked next to me and I decided to pass them on to him. As I drove away, he was munching away with a big smile on his face!"

How many of you were the recipients and/or donors of the largesse that is inspired by the The Season of Good Will, otherwise known as Christmas?

Remember that those positive and generous feelings that were generated during the holiday season can continue year-round. They don't have to be taken to the curb like all that wrapping paper, packaging and the turkey carcass. On another note, I do hope that each year the garbage fall-out of Christmas is diminishing - you are reducing, reusing and recycling, right?

As I recall Laurel's visit and her considerate gift, I'm enjoying a change in my heart rhythms. When you see your heart rhythms smooth out, you know you are no longer operating in the stress mode - flight or fight.

Learn to change the way you feel by activating positive thoughts and emotions. Use simple techniques that make a difference inside, so you can constructively influence the outside!

Curious? Let's talk!

Speaking of seasonings and all things cooking, Laurel has informed me that you can purchase Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens, a book her husband has written.

I'll leave it for Laurel to tell you about it:

"If you're a cook, you'll be interested in the ancient recipes and the history behind them. If you're a writer, you'll be interested in tasting foods your historical characters might have eaten. If you're a foodie, you can see how recipes evolved over time, or was that intelligent design?"

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