Intuition – A Signal From the Heart

"I wonder if this is such a good idea?" I thought, just after handing over my charge card to complete a transaction.

The next week, I received a phone call from that same charge card company. My card had been compromised.

Coincidence? Probably not.

When stress is regularly transformed, intuition improves. Granted, I could have done with this information a little earlier!

What do stress techniques and intuition have to do with one another? A few things. Studies are showing that the heart responds to an event seconds prior to its taking place.

Heart rate variability - the way in which the heart speeds up and slow down - changes. That change is transmitted to your brain, which processes this information.

When you are under stress, your attention is elsewhere, so you may miss those subtle signals of 'knowingness'.

Practicing undress-the-stress techniques like recognizing when you're experiencing stress - circulating negative thoughts and emotions - then actively replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings changes your heart rhythm.

With practice, you become more adept at recognizing and trusting the messages that you are intuiting.

Now, if only I could intuit the correct numbers for the upcoming lottery draw that everyone is discussing!

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