Heaven on Earth

Oh, Good Heavens! You've really done it, Gaelikka.

I don't, at all, feel qualified to write about heaven, nor hell, for that matter. So, I will leave that up to those who are better equipped to do so.

Instead, I shall write about a few of the things, in no particular order, that constitute heaven on earth for me:

  • sunsets and sunrises - endings and beginnings
  • clean, crisp sheets
  • a walk through an ankle-deep carpet of autumn leaves
  • friends and family gathered around a candle-lit table, laughing and enjoying a meal I prepared
  • dog-walks in the park when a quiet, steady rain is falling, the leaves are glistening in that "rain light" and the whistle of a train is heard from afar
  • fresh ground coffee, especially good when shared with a friend
  • a tidy and freshly-cleaned house. Ahhh!
  • a tropical beach, a cool breeze off the ocean, surf gently breaking and looking up into a blue sky strewn with fluffy cumulus clouds
  • working with clients when they "get it"
  • snorkeling in warm, sun-kissed water and enjoying the multi-hued ocean's treasures
  • a walk along quiet, mist-shrouded streets, especially in the autumn, when the smell of decaying leaves and wood-smoke tingle the imagination to carry one away to places in another time
  • listening to Blue Rodeo, one of my favourite bands, at an outdoor concert under an indigo sky, complemented by stars that appear to be twinkling in time to the music

These are some of the things that make my heart sing. How about you? What are some of your - please click?

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10 Replies to “Heaven on Earth”

  1. Some things that constitute heaven on earth for me is time with my grandkids, having a mother and daughter with my daughter, the first crisp snap of cool air in Autumn,holidays with family. Good post!

  2. Favorite things include:

    Hearing my husband call me “Angel”.

    Our puppies who define the word “Joy” for me.

    Long moonlit walks on quiet, secluded beaches.

    Looking back on successes and looking forward to adventures.

    And many more. . . .

  3. Oh, my, you’ve taken me completely by surprise, Marianna!

    I have to admit I’m totally with you on the clean house one.

    Great take on this one. Well done!

  4. I managed to keep up with you until you listed experiences beyond mine. I’ll add: Walking along a deserted, frost diamond sparkling street. The breath smoking from my mouth.


    Roasted Chestnuts with a glass of tawny port in front of a blazing log fire with….

  5. Hearing my kids on the phone, talking with friends, eating is a big favorite, reading my email & blogs, walking in the woods when the sun is warm, skiing soon, getting into bed under my down comforter this time of year,

    Bedtime now. G’d night!

  6. Mariana-90 minutes in Heaven is a good read, but I wanted to let you know that only about the first five chapters and the last chapter relate to time in heaven. The main content of the book is written for people who have had accidents that take years to get over or terminal illness. It’s worth reading, but unless you’re going through the pain and suffering he went through, you might find the book tedious, not to belittle his pain and suffering, but it was hard to read about his being hit so hard part of his left leg bone was forced out of his leg and never found, so be prepared for a lot of painful descriptions. I found it reassuring to read about his heavenly experience, but I couldn’t relate to his pain and the many challenges he faced daily, and still faces.Of course, in a way you work with stress and building a peaceful new life. It’s truly amazing that he survived!

  7. Members of the LBC (except for Conrad :)),
    What did you notice about how you felt when you told me about your favourite things?

    Conrad, Trust you to come up with that wise-crack! 🙂 We’ll have to add friendly banter to our respective lists, won’t we?

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