Just Did It!

"Just do it!"

In coining that phrase, Nike captured a philosophy - a way of living that moves you towards achievement or accomplishment and out of "I don't want to..." or "I don't feel like it."

We often make things more difficult than they need be. A lot of energy goes into thinking about why we don't want to do something or how awful we feel about doing something, instead of just getting on with the task, whatever it may be.

I find that when I have something to do, jumping right in and doing it is often a lot easier than sitting around and creating a "script" about doing it. Usually that script is one that is more in the line of a horror movie, fraught with awful endings, which in no way matches the reality of "the doing."

For example, a few mornings, I did not want to take Murphy, our dog, for a walk. However, the longer I fulminated, the worse it became. The fact is that Murphy needed to go. My rotten attitude didn't change that, nor did it make me feel any better. So, I put on my shoes, grabbed the leash and away we went. Once we had established our pace, I realised how fortunate we were to be able to get out and get some exercise in such a beautiful park.

Life is filled with many tasks, some of them mundane, boring or time-consuming. Others move us closer to fulfilling our dreams and goals. When we are engaging in negative thoughts and emotions our heart rhythms respond in a very different way, causing our body to activate the stress response - flight or fight. This happens so quickly that we are often unaware of these changes and what they're doing to our health and sense of well-being.

3 little words that can move you. Learn to catch yourself when you are struggling with doing something (awareness) and then "just do it!"

Do you notice that the more you grumble, the worse the task seems to get? Choose a chore that you normally grumble about (ironing, grocery shopping, filing receipts) and do it without the grumbling. Did it appear to go faster? How do you feel when you say, "Just Did It!"?

7 Replies to “Just Did It!”

  1. You have touched a sore spot. I go through such periods of postponing quite often and till I get off my back side and do it, I just keep getting more and more miserable.

  2. Judy,
    Thank you for that!

    Yes, I will continue to update this blog once a week.

    I tell my clients that in order to change a behaviour they need to be aware of the behaviour, know what to do to replace it and finally have lots of practise with the new behaviour.

    You recognise it – that’s good – so now, do you wish to replace it? That, my friend, is up to you.

  3. I stumbled over here following the consortium trail…
    I seem to have gotten terrible of late about putting things off, any number of things. Thank you for the reminder to Just Do It.

  4. Brighid,

    The song from Mary Poppins comes to mind, “Just a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down”…in this case a spoonful of positive feelings works just as well.

  5. Right on, Marianna!
    Today I did it with bulbs that were in water, dying under my nose…failed “forcing.” I feel ever so much better knowing they are now happily planted in pots of dirt!
    Seeing the state they were in was weighing on my mind. Now it’s light.

  6. Carol,
    And, what’s more, you’ll have some additional light and colour when they bloom this spring!

    Thanks for sharing your “Just did it” story and how you felt about just doing it.

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