Clocking Mess

No time. Later. Gotta run.

Is time on your side? Many people feel overwhelmed with their daily duties. As a result, their precious time is eaten up by inefficiencies. Performance at work, home or at play is impacted by stress.

The more stress you're under the less you seem to get done. You spin your wheels and take far longer to accomplish tasks that you would ordinarily breeze through. There's a proportionate increase in mistakes, which then take time to correct.

Your health also suffers. Stress affects your immunity and is implicated in a number of medical conditions. Anyone who lives with a chronic illness knows how much time is lost waiting in doctor's offices, labs and hospitals and recovering from the latest "roller-coaster ride" of your illness.

Take control over your stress and have more time to do what really matters to you. Yes, you can, by learning to activate the power of your heart.

The hands of time appear to speed up if you answer yes to these questions:

  1. Do you frequently get colds or the flu? Infections?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time looking for misplaced objects?
  3. Do you often forget things at home and then have to retrace your steps?

The clock is ticking, and so is your heart. Undress your stress, isn't it time to get stress-smart?

4 Replies to “Clocking Mess”

  1. At my age, I am not certain it is stress or part of the aging process. Light just went on! They could be one and the same. A life of stress certainly could lead to forgetfullness in old age. Wow you have given me much to think about.

    I wonder if there have been studies of stress in adults and the effect on later life.

  2. Maria,
    Glad that the light went on! 🙂

    Stress affects us emotionally, mentally and physically. It wears out the nervous system, accelerates aging, impacts the memory, sets up the scene for ill health and dampens our capacity for joy.

    The great news is that it is never too late to do something about it.

    I had a 90 year young client who wanted to live a better life. Imagine that – 90! She is still interested in learning.

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