Upping The Auntie

Recently, I decided to post my own opinion poll on Twitter. After all, if the "big guys" can do it, why can't I?

My question: Should I change my business name from Change of Heart Stress Solutions to Auntie Stress?

I received 49 votes - 22% in favour of Change of Heart Stress Solutions and 78% for Auntie Stress with several other variations emailed to me.

I am grateful to the people who cared enough to vote and honoured by those who decided to leave thoughtful comments.

If you're looking for people to add to your Twitterunity, I'd like to suggest this fine flock of folks:

If you're curious about their thoughts, please have a look here: Poll Daddy. Some chose to respond to me privately, so their comments will not be listed in the poll.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you! (The ones I know about.) Now, that I have more information, I can take this to heart and decide what the next step will be. Which do you prefer?

  • Change of Heart Stress Solutions
  • Auntie Stress

9 Replies to “Upping The Auntie”

  1. Well done, Auntie! Great idea to repost the comments and bring us all to the table again. As so many people commented, “Auntie” is the total person, the solutions are the descriptor/business name. As you ARE the total person, I think that one is likely to stick.

  2. Thank You so very much for including me in your poll. I felt very honored to participate. Whatever decision you make I know it will be the right one.

  3. Kathrin, you are the bringer of light to those dark corners of questions. Thank you for your encouragement!

    Pat, you walk your talk. Thank you.

  4. Great Auntie. Thanks for the mention and I hope you got all the answers you needed.

    You are a shining light!



  5. Marianna —

    Boy, am I behind the curve! I just caught up with this article.

    Thank you for the mention. I’m pleased as punch (remember whose line that was?) to be part of your flock.

    Hope your answer comes into focus soon.

    All the best,

    — Daniel

  6. Rob,
    Always a pleasure chatting with someone who is so upbeat! Glad to know you.

    You have me stumped and that’s a phrase I use quite often.

    I am pleased as punch and thankful that we are in the same Tw’itterverse.

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