#571 – Budget Tips in the Time of COVID-19

auntie stress budget
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Not only has COVID-19 presented us with a new vocabulary (including social distancing, covidiot, and self-isolation), it has also strained the budgets of governments, businesses and individuals. Many people have to make their dollars stretch further in this unprecedented time. However, this is not a new concept for those who live with a chronic illness.

Life with a chronic illness is not cheap, even with healthcare coverage. Inability to work or reduced working hours; healthcare premiums; medications; user fees for occupational therapy, physio-therapy; support services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, therapy, etc.; assistive devices; orthotics...the list goes on.

I've had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for 43 years, so I understand the budget wrestling that a chronic illness requires. Not only does rheumatoid arthritis impact your physical health, but it can have a huge impact on your financial health, as well.

Just as stretching is good for you, it is also good for your budget. I look for small (and sometimes big) ways to save. In this short series, I'll share some budget tips that can help you do more with less and to make the things you do have go further. When you implement this practice, you'll find that there's an environmental benefit, as well.

The 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle); the slogan that encourages environmental sustainability, can also enhance the health of your budget. Two for the price of one - see, you're already ahead!

If you're struggling during COVID-19, you may like to adapt or adopt some of the things I'm doing to stay emotionally well, which, in turn, helps to keep you mentally, physically and spiritually well: COVID-19 Stress Strategies.

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