#551 – Making the Best of a Freezer Purchase

Why, oh why did I choose to buy a chest freezer? It would have been a better idea to spend a little more money and get an upright version. Anyone with a chest freezer is familiar with the nose dive that is required to get things out of its icy depths.

I've found a trick that makes it easier to get what you need from your freezer.

I separate food into plastic shopping bags. Chicken goes in one. Frozen beans and chickpeas go into another bag. Frozen fish, veggies, berries and leftovers each get their own bag. When I need something, I haul out the bags versus each individual item. It's certainly a lot quicker and I don't have to leave freezer open as long. The other benefit is that if your RA fingers aren't as nimble as you'd like, you're able to push your hands through the handles and support the bag on your forearm, saving wear and tear on your fingers.

At least now my freezer doesn't leave me in the cold!

3 Replies to “#551 – Making the Best of a Freezer Purchase”

  1. Great tip, Marianna! In a similar vein, I have muscle issues that make it hard to get stuff out of my always-packed top freezer. Am thinking of a variation of this to minimize the aarghs and oys! 🙂

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