#198 – No Pressure Cooking

On Think PC, I talk about doing what you can to protect and conserve your joints and energy. I think that the investment of a pressure cooker augments that philosophy.

I enjoy not having to lug heavy cans of beans home from the store and into the house. I also enjoy not having to take the empty cans out for recycling. Since dried beans are cheaper than the canned versions, there's also a savings to be had on my grocery bill. As a result, my pressure cooker has paid for itself!

I cook them up a big batches, which are then partitioned into containers for freezing.

So, what would you like tonight, dear? Bean salad, bean soup, bean casserole or bean brownies?

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  1. Another idea for the freezing part: Freeze them on cookie sheets then dump into an ice cream bucket. Have done this with berries. Works great! They don’t stick together plus you can take out as much or as little as you want/need.

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