RA Tips for Buying a New Car

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When you have RA (rheumatoid arthritis), your new car should not be an endless source of frustration and pain. I've compiled a number of tips that can help you make the most of this big ticket purchase. By being mindful of what your needs are in a new vehicle, you can mitigate some of the issues you might not be aware of when you go for a test-drive.

In my latest HealthCentral article, Tips for Buying a Car When You Have RA, I address a number of areas that you'll want to pay attention to before you drive your car off the lot.

Did you know that during the hot months, it is recommended that, in order to get the most fuel for you buck, you fill up in the early morning? I'm not going to talk about fueling times, but I do suggest when the best time for a test drive is. I also cover the seats - well not cover them, as in material - but discuss the importance of the right type of seating. Other slides I discuss doors, the ignition, the steering column, the gear shifter and other helpful doodads. Let's not forget about the kids, groceries and gear. Dogs, too!

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