#479 – Water. Hot. Stat!

Image courtesy of Lajos Hankó

It's been a long time since I've had Knife Arthritis - that grinding, deep-in-the bone, aching sensation that can be so distracting and painful.

In addition to this A/C trick, a hot shower often helps me loosen up and ease out of that knife-in-bone feeling.

While I'm enjoying the cascading water, I also do some range of motion exercises or this breathing check.

Sometimes, I like to imagine that I'm standing underneath a lovely waterfall, washing away all my pain and replacing it with pleasant water-filled memories of the places I've been and the experiences I've had.

By practicing this on a regular basis, I know what it feels like when I've improved my heart rate variability. It's that powerful stress undressing capability that comes with the harmonizing effects of a smooth heart rhythm.

Please contact me for more information about how you can witness your own change of heart.

2 Replies to “#479 – Water. Hot. Stat!”

  1. Great waterfall picture Marianna. So positive. I’m glad that you are not getting that knife feeling. I know what you mean luckily from the past more than the present. And pain memory is always a good one to let go of and forget.

  2. Hey Marianna glad you were able to see yourself through the pain. I can attest to the power of positive visualization and that it can be a powerful asset to manage painful situations. thanks for the great post!

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