#474 – Cherry Season

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick

I'm happy to report that local BC cherries are still available and they're as sweet (or sour) as I like them!

Did you know that cherries offer up a bowl full of health benefits including Vitamins A, C and E? Packed into that small red fruit are anthocyanins, an antioxidant which can help lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties which, in my estimation, is better than not having anti-inflammatory properties! Note that here are some nutritional differences between sour and sweet cherries.

On July 26th, CBC Almanac devoted a part of the show to that glorious red orb - tune in at 46:18 to hear about a delectable initiative from the BC Tree Fruit Cooperative.

Need to pit cherries? Pull out the paper clip. I had high hopes for both of these methods. Suffice to say that those cherries left comet-like trails across the counter and the floor! Dog to the rescue! Will you let me know if you fared any better?

Finally, check out Dana's cheery cherry post, Cooking with Cherries.

2 Replies to “#474 – Cherry Season”

  1. My favourite summer fruit (right aftwr Ontario strawberries) is BC Bing cherries. Wait for them every year and they just got here last week. Promptly bought 2lbs and am happily munching through them. Also wonderfully capable in helping to deal with certain side effects (OK, I’ll say it: constipation).

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