#475 – Pouring Water Over This One

auntie stress Easy Pour Watering Can

I was enjoying my morning coffee while perusing the pages of the paper when an ad caught my attention. It was for an Easy Pour Water Can by Fiskars®.

On paper and in the paper, it seemed like it would be a great addition to the garden shed.

Well, it might be for yours, but definitely not mine.

When I picked up the empty Easy Pour Water Can, I noticed that it was heavier than most of the other watering cans, which ordinarily would be a great thing, since it indicated that it was durable, but, when you add water, it becomes even heavier. This is just too much for me to handle.

It features dual handles - fixed and swivel - just like you'd find on a pail. According to the Fiskars' website, the handles allow for multiple hand positions - always a good thing if you are struggling with hand mobility.

Even though this is not a product I will use because of the condition of my hands and wrists, I wanted to share this with the readers who might be at a stage where they can still wield a well-constructed watering can.

By the way, Fiskars makes great products. I've blogged about two of them here: Paper Trimmer: A Cut Above and Love and a By-Pass Pruner.

Disclosure: I am not being paid to review Fiskars' Easy Pour Water Can.

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