#448 – Don’t Burn the Bra, Ban the Wire

There may be times when your hands refuse to cooperate, your sternum hurts or when you've hurt yourself. You may feel like burning your bra, but don't worry, the girls don't need to run wild when you are driven wild by the pain.

For those just in case times, stock your lingerie drawer with a bra that is not only wireless, but also features a front-closure.

I'm sorry ladies, I was hoping to be able to offer a giveaway of a wireless front-closure bra, but my request was denied.

Since I couldn't find an appropriate picture of an over the shoulder bolder holder - remember that term? - I know you won't have any trouble finding one that suits you.

2 Replies to “#448 – Don’t Burn the Bra, Ban the Wire”

  1. I remember the term but am not boulder size now or ever. How about flopper stopper?

    Sometimes you remember the oddest things from your childhood. One of my early and scary memories is sticking a bobby pin into an electrical socket. I never did that again and as you may have guessed I lived, and never told my mom or dad

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