#449 – Those Pesky Gas Caps

On Gas and Ulnar Drift, Christine asked me whether I had a trick to remove the gas cap.

I do!

I keep a wrench in the car, which allows me to have a tool-assisted grip. It's not perfect; you still have to torque your wrist, but at least it gives your fingers a break. That's an improvement over feeling like it's breaking your fingers!

6 Replies to “#449 – Those Pesky Gas Caps”

  1. So far I have been the dependent wife and always asked my husband to do the gas. Now I have sold my car because with retirement having two cars was just not sensible.
    What drives me crazy is that my husband insists on leaving the emergency brake on and I can’t get it off. He says he will always fix it for me. sigh

  2. We were lucky that our car came with a capless fuel system. The Ford Focus no longer requires any cap twisting, just insert and fuel. I don’t know whether such things can be retrofitted, you could ask at the next service.

  3. What a great idea! I’m getting to the point (2 yrs after diagnosis) where I am starting to have a lot of difficulty doing regular tasks. Very frustrating and humbling…..

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