Spring Cleaning

Every spring, our mom would get us to work on Spring Cleaning. This was an event, one that trumpeted spring, as certainly as did those first buds on the pussy willows. Out would come the rags and the soapy, water-filled buckets. All the walls were washed and the ceilings were dusted. We'd wipe away the memories of a long, cold Northwestern Ontario winter.

Spring cleaning signified an end to winter. One thing ends, another begins.

With this newly sprung season upon us, are you itching to start afresh? Perhaps you'd like to take on a new activity or project. Maybe the old ways of conducting yourself are no longer working for you.

Before  you begin a new project, you might want to scour your schedule and your life to see if anything needs ending, before beginning something new. Maybe nothing does. Perhaps rearranging or organizing might be the way to go.

If that stresses you, I can help with that. To discover if we're a right fit for one another, contact me for a no-pressure chat.

Let the Spring Cleaning begin!

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  1. A good couple of hours doing physical housework, is the best stress buster I know. Better still, music with a good beat playing in the background, speeds the work and exercises all the muscles of body and brain!

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