#435 – What’s in the Bag?

On It's in the Bag, I told you about a time-saving security tip I use at the pool. Now, some of you curious types might be wondering what I have in that bag.

If you really want to know - my ear plugs, goggles, bathing cap, scalp massager, scrub puff, liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Since I don't take my glasses out to the pool deck, I have trouble reading small print. I've devised a system that ensures I use the correct product in the right order, in the right place.

I write a giant S on the mini shampoo bottle and a C on the conditioner bottle. I've further refined this by changing to two different shapes of bottles. As a result, I don't even have to look when I reach my hand into the bag. I know which one is which, simply by feeling the shape of the bottle.

Systems work. Systems keep your life organized. Systems save time and energy. A bonus for anyone living with a chronic illness.

auntie stress swim bag

4 Replies to “#435 – What’s in the Bag?”

  1. I’ve done the same thing with my face creams. I took 3 of those mini bottles from sample offers years ago and put rosacea gel in the little one , face moisturizer in another and vaseline in the 3rd. Saves me opening and shutting the drawer so often and looks OK also
    My mother used to do all that by having a dressing table with a big round mirror. Not so common any more


  2. I never met anything I didn’t want to organize. I love you. 😉

    (this post could also be called enabling, but we won’t go there)

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