#414 – I Love My Balls!

Unlike the commercial that states that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!," RA, a disease that many equate with just the joints, doesn't only impact the joints. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, eyes, lungs and heart can all be impacted by this systemic disease, and that's before you add in the side-effects from those medications you may be taking.

My muscles are often quite tight and tender. Massage helps but that adds up. Quickly. Learning to do what you can to keep yourself mobile is crucial to well-being, and to the well-being of your bank account.

Recently, while out shopping at Costco, the Miracle Ball Method caught my attention. I didn't buy it until after a subsequent trip. Something about those balls spoke to me. Suffice to say, they are appropriately named. According to the little instruction book that comes with it, it's "an exercise where you do nothing", which isn't quite true. Some of the exercises do work muscles that may be seldom used or used improperly.

auntie stress Miracle Balls

The miracle part happened right after the first time I used them. I noticed a huge improvement in the freedom of movement I had in my hips. Just watch me sashay, now! LOL! It's not just the hips that benefit from using these balls, though. In the instruction manual, Elaine provides exercises for the following areas: hips and legs, calves, head and neck, elbow, ribs and shoulders. Plus, she includes some very important breathing exercises.

Most evenings, I now devote time to gettin' down...on the balls, to do some stretching. Getting down on and up off the floor is a bit of a trial, but I have found a way to that works for me. Not enough time? Well, I've watched TV, read and done my stress techniques, all while letting these balls work their miracle. Not all at once, of course! That would be taking multi-tasking a tad too far!

I bought mine at Costco for about $12.00.

Please check with your healthcare professional to see if this is right for you.

5 Replies to “#414 – I Love My Balls!”

  1. these sound awesome! I use the “gravity ball” which is in a standing position and works abs and upper body with some cardio so these would be a great compliment! Now that I am back on my feet I would love to try these…hope they are available on Amazon!

  2. I’ve seen these at Costco & was curious but to be honest, the name put me off… Thought it sounded a bit over-promising… You know, ‘if it sounds too good to be true…’ But I am now re-thinking that.

    And I appreciate how you point out that the eyes are affected by arthritis. As a young child with Uviitis, daily steroid drops were my reality as was an ongoing suspicion of JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis)… To this day in my mid-30s, arthritis shows up in my eyes.

    On a VERY happy note, lucky me!!!!
    Thanks, M for pursuing the great giveaways.. Positively pink!

    1. Jen,
      I would strongly suggest giving those Miracle Balls a try – they do help. Plus, they’re kind of fun to hold, since they comfortably fit into the hand. (My problem is keeping them away from Holly – she sees balls, and thinks “Play!”

      I hope that the good days far out-number the bad in terms of your Uvitis.

      I’m tickled pink for you! 😉

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