If Not Now, When?

Uncovering. Unleashing. Revealing. Releasing. How comfortable are you with those words as they pertain to an action or an activity you wish to do? Does the mere thought of them raise your blood pressure, quicken your breathing and turn your feet and hands to blocks of ice? That is an indication that the stress response has been activated.

A physiological change brought on by simply thinking about doing something that puts you outside of your comfort zone. For some people, the fear prevents them from taking a risk; they have countless reasons why they can't or shouldn't, usually based upon a past experience that did not go well.

Yet other people manage to over-come their hesitations, their reluctance, their "What if's...?" because that desire to share, to create, to triumph, becomes louder, brighter and more insistent.

Isn't it time to undress your stress and uncover, unleash, release and reveal those daydreams and turn them into actual experiences? When you practice heart-based techniques that balance your nervous system, almost effortlessly you begin to take an active part in your life. Hurts and fears melt away, leaving you free to do the things you've only dreamed of doing.

A short program - five hours in total - once weekly, guides you through all you need to know and do. What stress is, how it affects you and those around you, how to recognize it and, more importantly, how to change it, by using a number of techniques that teaches you what it feels like when you are not stressed. (When was that, by the way?) You'll see how your heart rate variability - the way in which your heart speeds up and slows down - is impacted by how you think and feel. This was a life changer for me.

You learn how stress stops you from doing the things you love; the very things that allow you to undress your stress. Some of the effects of stress are reversible, but only if you do something about it. Sooner, rather than later. Do it for your family, do it for yourself.

If not now, when?

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