#375 – Appointment Rescheduling

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I have a little appointment trick that I use. It's something that may sound weird, but it eases a lot of negative emotion that can surround cancelled or postponed appointments. To quote Martha Stewart: "That's a good thing!"

When an appointment gets cancelled or postponed, I change my "Oh, no!" perspective to "Oh, I'll get the appointment when I need it." It usually ends up being a better appointment. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that chewing/stewing/fretting/boiling about this harms you in a way that may not be readily apparent and may actually contribute to more of what you don't want - inflammation. The stress response is elicited by spending time immersed in negative thoughts, emotions and feelings. The sooner you can accept and then, transform those feelings, the better it will be for you.

I fell into this little trick of mine by accident. I noticed that when a client had to reschedule a meeting because of some issue/concern, the outcome of the rescheduled meeting was much more positive. When someone is clock watching or doesn't really want to be there because of other commitments, the meeting is far less productive. Attention spans are shortened, diverted to another place or time. Resentment may creep in, blocking progress, hampering meaningful conversation.

In terms of my own medical appointments, I have realized that something similar occurs. When I meet with my health care professional, I want the best possible outcome; I want them fully present.

Another interesting observation is that sometimes the issue I "desperately needed" the appointment for actually resolved itself. The body's own ability to heal does not always follow the timetable I've laid out for it.

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