#374 – Pilot Study: Working with Inflammatory Arthritis

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Making It Work Pilot Study

When I was at my rheumatologist's office last month, I noticed a small pile of papers on the information credenza. Upon leaving, I grabbed one and shoved it into my purse, where it sank to the bottom of the black hole, otherwise known as the inside of my purse. Last week, during a purse clean up, I pulled this (pictured) somewhat wrinkled but legible piece of paper out of my purse.

I picked up the phone and had a wonderful conversation with Pam Rogers. As the contact person for this Employment and Arthritis pilot study called "Making It Work", Pam is in the right role - she is dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable.

If you live in British Columbia, have inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus or ankylosing spondylitis) and are working in any form of paid employment, you may wish to be screened for this on-line program that will help you navigate the rough and uncertain seas of earning a living while living with a chronic, debilitating and painful disease. One that most employers and colleagues have trouble understanding, much less accommodating.

This program will teach you how to advocate for yourself, by providing you with a solid knowledge base that includes vocational counselling, job accommodations, communication skills, as well as building your self-management and awareness skills. Boy could I have used this program when I was teaching!

Dr. Diane Lacaille and her team at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada will be recruiting study participants for the next two and a half years. For more information and to see if you qualify for a randomized controlled trial, please contact Pam Rogers by email or by calling 604-207-4016. There is a toll-free number as well: 1-877-878-4558.

Please note that the study will later be expanded to screen applicants from Alberta and Ontario.

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  1. This program is amazing and could be a model for more like it. Talented people can get side-lined by a chronic illness. This could put them back into the pace of life.

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