#260 – Shakira Meets Flipper

You've heard it many times before. To improve your fitness, it is important to take part in different types of activities in order to work different muscle groups.

That's not so easy, especially when the progression of rheumatoid arthritis usually means subtraction, not addition. Swimming is an activity I still participate in, although I am no longer able to do the butterfly or the breast stroke. Even the front crawl is affected by my fused neck.

When I saw Paddleboard Yoga on King 5, I had such a yearning to do this. Unfortunately, hip replacements and bad knees ensures that this is one splash I won't be making.

But...it got me thinking about how I could change my pool routine.

Then it hit me! Since I already do deep-water exercises using two flutter boards (now known as kick boards), I could do deep-water belly dancing!

It's just the change I'm craving. Not only do I exercise my core muscles, I also create some different neural connections by learning and practicing something new.

Here's a website that teaches you some of the basic moves, many of which can be adapted to the water. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Please let me know if you'd like more specific information about how to adapt these moves in future posts.

auntie stress belly dancer
Image courtesy of William Stadler
auntie stress dolphin
Image courtesy of S. Braswell

2 Replies to “#260 – Shakira Meets Flipper”

  1. what a great idea! I will be back in the pool in 9 weeks hopefully! I have my foot surgery Thursday….but I will definitely try this when I get back in the water! thanks. Nan

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