Close the Splitter for More Flow

I had an epiphany. I was depleting precious "natural resources" by worrying about someone's health and well-being.

I was allowing a lot of precious energy to be siphoned off to by someone who doesn't value health as much as I do.

I was in over-care. A condition that is neither restorative nor helpful. It is draining because it causes an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. True feelings of care are regenerative; there is room for you and for the other person.

Many people in the helping professions suffer from over-care. However, it isn't just contained at work. You can see it in action on volunteer committees and with family and friends. It can lead to burn-out, unless a more balanced approach is taken.

This is an old behaviour I am learning to recognize and release, thanks to the ongoing work I do with heart work which is really mind and body work. Much like what happens when the splitter is closed on the tap, flow and energy increase.

To learn how to do this for yourself, please contact me for information.

Do you recognize a time when you were in over-care? Can you think of any current situations which can be improved by closing the splitter?

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