“I Don’t Care!”

Those three little words come heavily-weighted...usually with care that has gone awry.

If you look closely, and dig deeply, you'll probably find that before those words were uttered, you did care. Very much. Perhaps, too much?

Quite often, so much energy is invested in whatever you may care deeply about, that it becomes a drain. Then, when things don't go the way you hope or expect, you become disappointed, frustrated or hurt. "I don't care!" can become a way to insulate or protect oneself.

If left un-transformed, these negative feelings and emotions can trigger the stress response.

What to do? Cultivate a more balanced perspective. Realize that you can only do so much. Activate sincere feelings of heart-propelled intelligence. Continue this practice as you run and march and stroll and linger through your days.

3 Replies to ““I Don’t Care!””

  1. ‘I don’t care’ is often not an option. That is when, caring despite not being appreciated for it becomes a thankless job. I went through that period immediately after my wife died and I had to take care of my father without someone to share the frustrations that it entails. I went back to basics, and went through intense meditation periods to get the negativities out of my system. I am still in the process of getting to the stage where I can honestly say, that I am caring joyfully. It will happen, sooner than later.

  2. Ramana,
    It seems that it is human nature to stop doing what works best for us. Glad you found your way through by going “back to basics”.

    “Caring joyfully” – what a wonderful knitting of words!

    Always a pleasure to have you drop by!

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