Workplace Stress: President’s Precedence Setting

As a leader, you know that your bottom-line can be impacted by stress. When you or your workforce has not be equipped with skills to treat stress when it's occurring, the by-products can include:

  • Higher levels of absenteeism
  • Dampened creativity
  • Low morale
  • Lack of presenteeism
  • Poor productivity
  • Higher safety violations including violence in the workplace

Part of your role as a leader is to inspire and encourage, thus bringing out the best in your team. What about bringing out the best in yourself?

I was interviewed for this article which appeared in The Globe and Mail on April 3rd, 2012: "Boss can break the chain which leads to stress."

As the person in charge, it is important to set a precedent for the type of workplace you wish to develop. The best place to start is with your heart; the place where stress undressing occurs.

The quality of your heart rhythms, smooth or jagged, determine which chemicals the brain produces. When you learn that you can improve those signals with techniques that are do-able in the moment, right when stress is occurring, you are equipped with skills that allow you to undress your stress and enhance your performance.

Could your business or workplace benefit from a visit from Auntie Stress? Please contact me to discuss your Auntie-dote for stress.

3 Replies to “Workplace Stress: President’s Precedence Setting”

  1. Alas, Auntie stress has come into my life when I am retired from any “position.” I am now the boss, the employee, the door keeper, the secretary, the telephone operator, the chauffeur at need, the nurse, the cook, the dish washer and do you want anyomore job descriptions?

    But, you have fun Marianna, you deserve it.

  2. What are you on about, Ramana? After reading your regrets post, it would appear that Auntie Stress would be on a coffee break with you! 😉

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