#207 – Where’s Waldo, er Marianna?

Just in case you have nothing to do - yeah right! - you can spend a few minutes looking for my hands.

While you're at it, consider submitting a photo of your own hands to this Show Us Your Hands project created by that brilliant RA Guy.

Here's a link to a poem I wrote for the Loose Blogger's Consortium, entitled "Hands of Time":

These hands of mine
They've done some time

They've been gripped in such fury
Known the wringing of deep worry

For many years, they were cold
Locked in sadness, I felt old

Choking and sputtering, it was apparent
Creating and relating, they had been errant

Stress had infixed a big detour
From heart to hands, of that, I'm sure

They've known sadness and grief
But now there's hope and belief

Although my hands are deformed
My heart, my hands, they're transformed

It gives me joy, it makes me sing
Helping you ease that stress thing

I extend my hand to give you assistance
But you'll need to reach out, to cover the distance

Blending four hands and two hearts
Don't you just love those fresh new starts?

These hands of mine
They've done some time.

4 Replies to “#207 – Where’s Waldo, er Marianna?”

  1. What a beautiful poem, Marianna 🙂 And I might add, very skilled at easing one’s stress… you’ve given me terrific guidance and the gift of peace of mind following a most stressful week!

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