#121 – Telephone Talk Time

Image courtesy of Julio Palmeirão

Do you spend extended periods of time on the phone? Have you noticed that your neck, elbow and/or hands get sore when doing so? Mine certainly do.

A head-set will alleviate the tension and strain placed on your neck, elbow or hand.

2 Replies to “#121 – Telephone Talk Time”

  1. This is another great tip, Marianna!

    I don’t have this special head-set but one thing that I can do that I find helpful with this problem is to put the call on speaker-phone…this enables me to put the receiver down in front of me and to speak into it as if it is a mini microphone and I can also hear the other person talking easily this way as well.

    Of course, this requires a phone that has the speaker-phone feature…but I think most portable phones do.

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