#120 – Direct From the Cabbage Patch…

Image courtesy of Herman Hooyschuur

...to one hot joint!

I have a friend who has walked this earth for nearly 100 years. One day, after looking at my particularly swollen knuckles (MCP joints), she advised me to do something that they used as a home remedy, many, many years ago.

So, when I got home, I opened the refrigerator, pulled a leaf off a head of cabbage and placed it across my knuckles, holding it in place with a tensor bandage.

Twenty minutes later, I was astounded by the change. The joint was no longer hot and the swelling had definitely gone down.

I have since used it along with contrast baths to help cool my joints.

It's an inexpensive and non-invasive alternative. According to Wikipedia, cabbage contains significant amounts of an amino acid called glutamine, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you do try it, will you let me know if it works for you, please?

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