#105 – Have Stool, Will Present

auntie stress portable stool

I briefly explain to the attendees that I have rheumatoid arthritis and that at some point I may need to sit down, especially with this ankle.

It's not easy to admit that I need to do this in order to prevent further pain and damage. I do it anyway.

2 Replies to “#105 – Have Stool, Will Present”

  1. I think it’s great that you take this stool with you so that presenting at workshops is not too stressful on your joints/ankle and I admire your courage in acknowledging this need with your audience. You are practicing important self-care which in turn enables you to keep on doing the work you love.

    With regards to sharing the specifics of your self-care to your audience, I think it’s up to you whether you share the details…if you like, it would be just as fine to say that as a result of an injury (without going into specifics), you may need to sit down for a bit.

    My gut feeling is that the less of a big deal you make of your stool, the more of an non-issue it will be for your audience. They will just see it as a natural extension of you (something that travels with you).

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