#104 – New Year’s Promise

Image courtesy of Dimitri Castrique

Instead of New Year's resolutions, I work on a year planning exercise called Stop! Start! Continue ...  There are a few things on last year's list that I didn't accomplish. To help deepen my commitment to fulfilling the items on my Stop, Start, Continue List, I've added an additional step:

Promises, promises.

When I make a promise to you, it is important to me to fulfill it. When I give you my word, it means something.

This year, I'm making a few promises to myself. But not just any promises.

I am carefully sculpting my Stop, Start, Continue List - molding, scraping and patting it into shape. I want to be sure the form is appropriate for me. These promises will be for me, alone. I don't plan on sharing them, until later. It's a process that I plan on working on throughout the year, as it marches on.

Your turn: What are your New Year's practices?

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