Hinging on If ‘n’ When

"I'll be happy if I lose 10 pounds."

"When I close that deal, I'll be successful."

"I'll be loved if I can get 5,000 Likes on Facebook."

How many of the positive feelings you allow in your life are hinged upon a set of circumstances - a caveat - a big "If" or "When"? Do you purposely delay soaking in the joy of the now by slamming the door shut on the possibilities of being satisfied with and grateful for the present positives in your life?

Recall something that makes you smile or laugh. Take out your photo albums and revisit the people and places you've captured on film.

What have you noticed? Are you feeling a bit better? A lot better?

I've worked with stressed people who "have it all" - a beautiful, large home, a thriving business and vacations that many only dream of, yet still they suffer. Many think that feelings of happiness or joy are dependent upon more material things. Although, money can make your life easier, it doesn't guarantee that you'll be happier, or any less stressed.

"There is a very small correlation between wealth and happiness." - Money Won't Buy You Happiness in Forbes magazine

Are you able to be happy or content, feel loved and successful right in this moment? This doesn't mean that you give up working towards your goals, extinguish your dreams or quit learning. What you are doing is stopping for a moment to appreciate the who, what, when, why and/or how in your life.

Normal is what you experience on a daily basis. Normal doesn't have to be static, although stress can cloud your perception on this and lead you to believe that what you're experiencing as normal is forever. Practice making the shift into positive feelings and change your normal. Your life hinges on it!

What is your normal like? Are you able to appreciate all that is in your environment? Quickly now, what 5 things are you thankful for today? Was there a long pause? This tells you something.

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  1. I’ll mention one. I am thankful for my granny who taught me to laugh, not alone at myself, but at my failings too. That same laughter cut stress and made the difficult times a little easier.

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