Book Review & Giveaway: Inkspirations for a Happy Heart

In Inkspirations for a Happy Heart, you'll enjoy colouring more than thirty original designs while reflecting upon the motivating mantras to help you relax, unwind and greet each day with renewed optimism and creative energy.

Whether you're new to coloring or a gel-pen aficionado, you may have already admired the artistic creations of Diane Yi, whose stunning artwork has been shared, pinned or colored around the world. With Diane's style of intricate details with exquisite flourishes, Inkspirations for a Happy Heart provides a perfect canvas that will inspire you to color your world a little brighter.

With moving quotes alongside unique and graceful images, Inkspirations coloring books include a wide array of themes to help express creativity and enjoy therapy through coloring. Check out the new Inkspirations website for more inkspirations. Oh, how I love puns!

Making the Stress Connection

It's important to have a way to disconnect from all the troubling news, the addictive reach of technology and disheartening feelings that create unbalance, not only in your life, but also in your heart rhythms. When you regularly engage with the people you love and take part in the activities that enrich your life, you are on the way to unhooking from the things that stress you out and leave you feeling devoid of joy.

You may not always have the time to get out into nature - a potent and powerful way to address your stress. Instead, use Inkspirations for a Happy Heart as a form of active meditation to help quiet your mind as you focus on the beautiful nature-themed images and the accompanying quotes, like this particular one that speaks to me:

"Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths." - Rumi

When you and your children colour together, you create an opportunity to dive into the hidden depths of your children. A calming activity such as colouring can lead to important discussions that might not otherwise occur during the busy to and fro'ing of life.

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23 Replies to “Book Review & Giveaway: Inkspirations for a Happy Heart”

  1. My daughter gave me a coloring book a few days ago. When I’m with my grandson, we do art and color. Lovely idea. Beth

  2. I just started coloring again. Trying to enjoy the activity and not agonize over what color goes where.

    1. Here’s a tip, Cyndi. Drop the word “trying” and soak in the feeling of enjoying the activity. If you notice you’re “agonizing”, stop, breathe and trust your instincts.

  3. Would love to win…I enjoy colouring and the quotes would be an added bonus…Marianna, I must say I often put your wise words up on my bulletin board for inspiration.

    1. Awww, how kind of you to share that, Sue.

      Now, that’s something I will add to my appreciation journal tonight. Thank you and good luck!

  4. Hi Marianna,

    I just shared your lovely post with my daughter. I think she’d really enjoy coloring in the book with gel pens (that’s one of her favorite coloring methods).

    Your suggestion of engaging in coloring together with your child has reminded me that we are overdue for doing some art together… I so agree with all your take-aways above on how it helps reduce stress and restore joy/fun.

    Thank you for reviewing and sharing so many nice books!

    1. Dorlee,

      What a great way for you to share time with your daughter – immersed in the wonderful world of creativity and colour. The family that creates/colours together…. 🙂

  5. Diane is a very talented artist. She blows me away with her gift and her kindness too. So glad two of you have made this connection to create a fun book! Lovely to have and keep even if I never color a page.

  6. I have always loved colouring & certainly do with my kiddos. It’s a great opportunity to have close conversations & share some down time. What a fantastic book, beautiful thoughts by Rumi. Love your thoughts too, M 🙂

    1. Thanks, J.

      Whenever I see a colouring book, I remember how you shared the heart-connections you have whenever you colour with your “kiddos”.

  7. Such a lovely book that I can’t wait to get for my mom who has enjoyed coloring since I can remember we would always wrap one up for her for birthday and Christmas…so this one will be perfect for her

  8. I used to love colouring as a child, but it requires too much dexterity and looking down for me now. My substitute is photography. 🙂

  9. Hello Marianna,

    When I saw your tweet about your “Inkspirations For A Happy Heart” book giveaway, my mind went immediately to a vision of my friend Christy Johnson (@IntuitiveHeal) sitting on her porch coloring with her cat. To which my heart said: “Oh so calming and endearing!”.

    By the way, have you read the post: “How Mixed Media Art Relieves Stress”? ( ).

    Two takeaways for me:

    “Pick art that feels fun, playful and quiets your inner critic”

    “Plan ahead and have a creativity care package at hand”

    Inkspirations fits those two criteria well. Fabulous that you are providing that for a lucky someone! For the rest of us, thank you for putting Inkspirations into our awareness.


    Jackie Yun

    1. Jackie, you have a wonderful way of finding the subtle colour between the lines.

      As soon as I read your takeaways, I wondered why I didn’t mention that! 🙂

      Imagine if everyone had a creativity care package at hand, or in mind!

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