Whose Heart Do You Touch?

Ahhh, the restorative nature of heart power. Use it often to make things right for both the recipient and for you!

Your heart rhythms respond to how you are feeling. When you have a surge in positive emotions such as compassion, care, respect and understanding, coupled with a simple refocusing to your heart, you have undertaken the monumental step towards balancing your nervous system. That means less stress for you!

Tools, techniques, practice and rationale is what you receive from your five-week investment with me. To find out more, please get in touch.

you touch my heart poem auntie stress

2 Replies to “Whose Heart Do You Touch?”

  1. Opening one’s heart to others (and to ourselves as a result) is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the world. And it’s one of those gifts that ripple on well beyond the moment of offering. Thank you for the work you do and this wonderful reminder, Marianna

    1. I much appreciate your kind and generous words, Ronnie Ann. Indeed it does ripple out; it is the ultimate in acting locally (♥), to impact globally.

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