Seismic Upgrading

Before I moved out to the West Coast, "Seismic Upgrading" was a sign I had never seen before. That's one thing we didn't have to worry about in Northwestern Ontario!

Here in British Columbia, work crews regularly repair bridges and buildings after they've carefully searched for cracks and fissures - stress fractures that weaken even the strongest of structures.

seismic upgrade auntie stress
Working to upgrade the bridge over the Serpentine River on Highway 99

What type of seismic upgrading are you undergoing? Do you regularly repair your stress fractures, restoring your structure to the exacting standards with which it was made?

You may find fractures in your:

  • relationships
  • memory
  • productivity
  • creativity
  • health and well-being

Unlike a meteorologist who predicts the weather, there is no stressologist predicting when and where your next stress fracture will occur. You might have a pretty good idea, though!

Doesn't it make sense to have tools and techniques to do preventative and restorative work?

Contact me to get started today, so you can keep your repair costs down.

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