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I've worn glasses for the last fifteen years and I have to laugh because each time I renew my prescription, I'm told about how much more dirt-and dust-resistant the latest lens protection offers. I honestly have not noticed an improvement. Dirty glasses are dirty glasses.

Maybe because I can't apply the right amount of pressure or maybe it's the material, but I find that I don't have much success cleaning my glasses with that little rectangle of fabric you're provided with whenever you get a new pair of glasses.

I've recently switched to these alcohol wipes (pictured). I have them tucked into my purse, the pockets of my jacket and the glove box of my car. I dislike the extra waste that they incur, but I've found a way to come to terms with that.

Those alcohol-soaked squares end up doing double-duty. Whenever I use one to clean my glasses, I then clean a mirror, a piece of electronic equipment or, if I'm in the car, the dashboard.

This is a particularly useful way to get some touch-up cleaning done. Marathon cleaning sessions can set you back. Breaking up bigger jobs into smaller ones is a great way to conserve your energy.

Additionally, you'll feel better about crossing some of those small jobs of your list. And when you feel better, you change the biochemical cascade that occurs when you're soaking in negative thoughts and emotions. Small things do amount to big things!

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