#324 – Happy Jetting with West Jet

It's been a while since we've flown, so I wasn't sure what the seat situation would be like on the Vancouver, British Columbia to Kona, Hawaii flight. The seat pitch is of particular concern for anyone with mobility issues, such as those that have developed because of  rheumatoid arthritis.

Well, West Jet delivers. In fact they over-delivered in that department.

My length is in my legs and, as you can see by the picture, there was more than enough room between my knees and the seat ahead of me. There was just enough room that I could rock forward to stand up without having to disturb the passenger in front of me. If the seat pitch is tighter, it's difficult to stand without pulling up on the seat ahead.

Sitting still in one position can lock up the joints, so having wiggle room is another benefit. I was even able to do some stretches from the comfort of my seat. Those seats really are comfortable.

I've been a big fan of West Jet, ever since its early days when my mom's failing health meant that I had to make numerous trips from Vancouver, British Columbia to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Each trip was smooth, from booking right through to the arrival at my destination.

After the funeral, we decided to take her dog back to Vancouver. Not having ever flown with a dog before, I was nervous. When we stopped in Calgary, the pilot did something I've never forgotten. He put my mind at ease by checking on Harley, then reporting back to me. That's service! That's West Jet!

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