#308 – Bah! to Pantyhose

Pantyhose. Made by a man. Torture for a woman. Especially if you have any sort of mobility issues or restrictions.

First, you have to decide which way is the front. Then, start scrunching, without causing a run. Next, carefully get one toe in. Gradually pull the stocking up the leg. If you're successful, you get to do it again with the other leg. If not, you have to start all over again with a new pair. Bear in mind, that when you have hip restrictions, stepping in and pulling up may be contraindicated; you may end up violating that ninety degree rule.

My sister told me about Sally Hansen's Air Brush Legs, which a number of her colleagues are using in lieu of pantyhose. Spray it on and put an end to worrying about do-I-dare-go-bare-legged?

auntie stress airbrush legs

Fortunately, the right to bare legs is a more accepted practice out here on the West Coast of Canada, so the pantyhose question isn't such an issue. That's fine by me on many counts and especially since I don't like to use a lot of chemicals, in, on or around me.

4 Replies to “#308 – Bah! to Pantyhose”

  1. Pantyhose are evil. Back in the day where I worked in an office, I solved it another way. I wore pants all the time. No skirts or dresses, no need for the tool of Satan.

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