#222 – Innocuous Socks

Actually, it's more like the innocuous seams on the socks, but that wouldn't have made as good a title, would it?

I have several pairs of socks that rarely get washed - no, it's not what you're thinking - because they rarely get worn.

The toe seam - I'm sure there's some technical name for that - is ridged. I'll bet you're thinking that's no big deal, but it is to someone whose toes may go in all directions of the compass. A ridge just adds a hurdle in your shoe that your toe(s) need to overcome.

In the future, my sock purchases will be seamless.

8 Replies to “#222 – Innocuous Socks”

  1. I can’t abide sock seams. Sometimes I wear them wrong side out in an effort to avoid them, but usually I spend an hour taking my shoes off, rearranging my socks, and putting my shoes back on. It’s a nuisance.

    1. It’s amazing how such a minor detail can cause such great aggravation.

      Another trick I use is to wear the socks so that the seam is underneath my toes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with every style of sock.

  2. I have very cold feet and like thicker socks for warmth. A few years ago I discovered Ski Tubes, I think I blogged about them in the past. The Ski Tubes do not have a heel so I wear them with the toe seam on the under part of my foot, it makes for great comfort.

    1. I’m glad that works for you, Grannymar.

      I’m not a fan of thicker socks because I have wider feet and it just gets too crowded in there! 😉

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