#176 – Suck It Up

Yes, I mean that. Literally, of course.

There have been times -  fortunately, long ago - when because of an extreme flare-up, holding a cup of my morning coffee or afternoon tea would have been the equivalent of holding up a bridge. Impossible.

That's when the sufficiently cooled beverage was placed on the table and I puckered up and used a drinking straw to suck it up.

2 Replies to “#176 – Suck It Up”

  1. Since my fall last September, half my face is numb. In the early days while bones mended I was restricted to a soft diet with the added difficulty of not coughing, sneezing or blowing my nose for six weeks. ūüôĀ

    A straw and a teaspoon were used each time I tried to drink or eat. Good home made soup with everything but the kitchen sink in it provided great nourishment and I had it with ‘ducks’ in – little pieces of bread broken into it to soften and make easy eating.

    My Consultant told me about one patient who bought his Big Mac special with Coke, and put the whole lot through the blender so he could eat it! I am not a fast food fan, but that put me off for life!

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