#113 – Not How I Planned to Spend My Monday!

You know what they say about plans! Well, yesterday I had a full day planned; all that went sideways or, more to the point, out of socket.

I was just started to put my sock on when I heard a "Pop!" and I knew... yup, I dislocated my prosthetic hip.

There I was, precariously perched on the edge of the bed, frozen in position, weighing my options. Do I roll back or slide down? I opted for a gravity assist to await the arrival of the ambulance. I'm infinitely thankful that my husband was still at home. Note to self: teach the dog to get the phone!

Having been there, done that before, I knew that the reduction - when the hip is popped back into the socket - is a miraculous treatment. However, I also knew that until I was actually in the emergency room I would be in a great deal of pain.

The paramedics - Terry and Dave - were calm, methodical and professional. They kept me talking to help distract me from the pain.

Surrey Memorial Hospital was very busy, so I spent a fair bit of time waiting in the hallway, frozen in an awkward position on the spinal board. By the way, the school art project is much appreciated! Each student was given a tile to paint. It also helped. My only complaint is that there needs to be more of them. Please.

I was doing my stress techniques to help get me through each spasm. It also benefited my blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels (even before they gave it to me), as they were all normal.

It was a good thing that I was wearing my old dog-walking jeans because they cut them off before Dr. Finlay came in to see me. He informed me that he would be doing the "Captain Morgan Reduction". Even through my pain, I could see the humour in that nomenclature.

I'm always curious about these medical procedures, so I was glad that my husband stayed in the cubicle to observe. We later laughed about something I did just as I was going under. As Dr. Finlay picked up my leg. I screamed in pain and my hand shot straight upwards, where it stayed there for about two minutes. Apparently, the anesthetist said that I could put my hand down, as he moved it back on the gurney. I think this was dog training coming into action; it's the same thing I do when I train Holly - I put my hand up in the air, palm out, when I want her to stop. I guess I was telling Dr. Finlay to stop!

The times I've been in the emergency room, I've been impressed with the staff. This time was no different. The ER was extremely busy, yet the nurses and doctors at Surrey Memorial Hospital were kind, considerate and did their jobs well. A big round of applause to them!

I'm now awaiting an appointment with my surgeon to see whether my hip has loosened or whether it was a case of a bad angle.

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10 Replies to “#113 – Not How I Planned to Spend My Monday!”

  1. Oh my word, Marianna, the things you do to “enterain” us! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this, thinking of all the things you are experiencing, writing about, sharing …then this little beauty came out of nowhere. I do hope that your days of unexpected health worries and pain are numbered (in the best sense) and that we celebrate the 365 posts without further stress.

    Love and sock puppets to you! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sock_puppet

    1. No one was more surprised than me, Kathrin! The ironic thing I was just talking about winter activities with someone and thought that I might be able to do snowshoeing. But, after that, I don’t want to be in this predicament in the snow.

  2. Talk about doing background research for a blog post, You really take this a stage too far. 😆 Marianna you forgot we have 366 days this year! But now you have the extra day covered.

    I was feeling your pain with every word. Do take care and go easy.

  3. Ouch!!!!

    Guess you will be writing and post dating some of those 356 posts as you recooperate!

    Dogs can learn to fetch the phone and other stuff. You should practice now just in case DH isn’t around the next time. Hmm, wonder if cats can learn to fetch phones and stuff…

    1. Well, it’s amazing how quickly you’re back on your feet. I am a little hesitant, though, until I know whether the prosthetic has loosened or whether it was a series of unfortunate events.

      It’s funny because last week I started teaching Holly the name of her toys and to either pick them up or put them away.

  4. I was waiting for the explanation that this happened many years ago, then suddenly realized this is brand new.
    I can see some use for a walking stick coming up.
    Do get better soon.

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