#599 – Uncapping Medication Bottles

3 medication bottles. 2 from the pharmacy, 1 from the manufacturer.
Two manufactuer's pill bottles. One with a flip cap and the other with a screw cap.
Two easy-off caps showing the difference in the size of the pull tabs.

If you have RA, you know that the uncapping of medication bottles is a challenge. There is a note on my file to remind the pharmacist to put an easy-off cap on all my prescription bottles. Those child resistant ones may as well be labelled "RA resistant!"

However, my last prescription refill brought a welcome change. Some of my medications were in the original manufacturer's bottle.

I actually prefer this, especially since they come with either a screw-off cap or a flip cap (second photo). Subsequently, I asked the pharmacist to keep my medications in the original bottle whenever possible.

About those Easy-Off Caps

Roughly a year ago, the manufacturers of the easy-off caps decided that they needed to save an eighth of a cent (or whatever it amounts to) on the little pull tabs on the easy-off caps. As a result, it is now harder to grab and open. You can see the difference between the caps in the third photo. It may seem like nothing but for those of us with RA, all those little things make a big difference.

I have a question for you: If you have young children and you request the easy-off caps, what do you do to keep them out of those curious little hands?

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