#600 – Another Way to Tighten Your Laces

A package containing 10 Seconds Elastic Laces. Includes elastic laces and a tabbed lace tightener/loosener.
A shoe threaded with the plastic lace tightener/loosener.

There is another way to lace your shoes.

After looking at my hands, a helpful sales person at the New Balance store showed me an alternative way to lace my shoes: 10 Seconds Elastic Laces. He thought that it would be easier than tying up my shoes. I decided not to purchase them, but I thought they may be of interest to you. If your fingers aren't too nimble, it may be difficult for you to depress the tab that allows you to pull/loosen the laces.

Elastic Laces and Hip Replacements

On 3 Hacks to Survive Hand Surgery, I suggested putting elastic laces in your running shoes. This was something that I was advised to do when I had my hip replacements. With a hip replacement, you are not allowed to exceed 90 degrees; bending over to tie up your shoes can lead to a dislocation. It's something you never want to do. I've done that (twice!), and it's excruciating! Here I Go. Again!

At the time, I replaced my standard shoe laces with elastic that I bought from a fabric store. Because my shoes remained knotted, I used a long-handled shoe horn and a stick with a hook to slip my foot into my shoes. I held the tongue in place with the hook, while I slipped my foot into the shoe.

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